We are committed to making small changes to make our business more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Protecting the environment is one of our core values and we aim to lead the way in becoming one of NI’s ‘Greenest’ Grocers.

Plastic in our Products

We’ve taken steps to eliminate unnecessary plastic – for example we have introduced a reusable coffee cup and we have introduced a range of paper straws and wooden toothbrushes.

We’ve recently introduced new fully compostable containers for our ‘Salads To Go’.

We’ve removed plastic bags for loose produce from our Fruit & Veg aisle offering customers the use of our old boxes instead.

We have recently begun stocking EcoLeaf, an environmentally friendly range of cleaning products. These are derived from plant extracts and based on biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients. The cleaning products can be refilled into their reusable containers at our refill station instore, thus reducing the consumption of single use plastic.

We have introduced our own branded reusable ‘Bags for Life’ and actively discourage the use of single use shopping bags by offering customers use of our old boxes instead.

We have removed over 1 million single use plastic bags from our store annually.

Renewable Energy

Much of our company’s Electricity comes from the Solar PV panels on our roof, which even on the dullest of days generate electricity from a fully renewable source.

All of the lighting in our store utilises low energy bulbs.

Digital Screens are used in our Store to replace the need for paper posters. Our offices are ‘paperless’ and staff are encouraged to use email whenever possible and only print pages when necessary.


Our cardboard waste is compacted using specialised equipment on site. This is then collected and taken for recycling.

We have systems in place to ensure that our food waste is actively monitored by management and kept to a minimum.

We also donate Fresh Produce which may be coming close to its use-by date to local charities on a regular basis.

Napkin dispensers at our deli counter dispense only 1 piece at a time, which ensures that waste in this area is minimised.

We realise that we have still some way to go in making our business processes completely sustainable. However, we believe that taking small steps each week on our journey to sustainability can have a big impact on our environment. Look out for our weekly posts on social media #ZeroWasteWednesdays detailing our latest environmentally friendly measures.