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Gin Of The Week Gold 999.9

Gin Of The Week Gold 999.9


We promised something new this week…and here it is… Gin Of The Week.  Our chosen gin this week is an ultra premium class of French Gin, guaranteed to make an impression on any Gin lover.  It was made as a homage to gin created in early 20th Century Alsace, which is said to have been stilled in a pot made of gold!
The selection of botanicals include juniper, tangerine, violets, poppies, ginger and coriander, with aromas of almond and vanilla.  The gin lives up to its name and is a stunning amber colour.
Gold 999.9 is best served with a slice of green apple, not lime or lemon… as the apple helps balance the gin and increase its floral notes.
First impressions after tasting this gin are of quality alcohol followed by tangerine and citric fruits that lead to an almond end with subtle vanilla.  Finally of course, it is beautifully presented in a stunning bottle that would take pride of place on any shelf.
If you’re in-store this weekend, we will be tasting Gold 999.9 in our in store off-sales, call in and have a try.
By Published On: October 2nd, 2020